Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Thank You!

Beberapa jam lagi, kita semua akan meninggalkan tahun 2013. Gue pribadi melakukannya sambil membuat resolusi, merenung, dan terlebih, mengucap syukur. Bersyukur untuk satu tahun lagi terlewat dan gue masih bisa menikmatinya bersama keluarga dan orang-orang yang gue sayangi. Bersyukur untuk satu tahun lagi terlewat dengan pencapaian-pencapaian tersendiri di dalamnya. Bersyukur untuk satu tahun lagu terlewat dengan berbagai masalah yang ada, dan telah membuat gue lebih dewasa.

Makanya di detik-detik menjelang pergantian tahun, lewat postingan ini, gue mau berterimakasih kepada mereka yang telah membuat 2013 gue berwarna. Mereka yang mengisi hari-hari gue, dan selalu ada waktu gue jatuh. Mereka yang punya definisi hadiah paling indah yang Tuhan tempatkan di sekeliling gue.

The best gifts I've ever received in my life. Thank you for always be there, for me.

Thank you for sharing everything (NOT including boyfie) with me. Thank you for late night chats, thank you for those happy moments. I love you, twinie :*

Thank you for being the best friend world could've ever asked. Thank you for all lessons, love, and laughter.

Thank you for giving me a chance to enlarge my capacity, and more than that, trust my self even more.

Thank you for keeping my sanity in this insane world, crazy bitches. xx

Thank you for being my new joy, shoo-ing my boredom in my daily routine, and allowing me to meet some incredible friends.

A brand new experience. Thank you for letting me give it a try :)

Can't wait for our next trip! Thank you for the memories!

Family in Christ! Thank you for loving and caring each other. I miss our togetherness :(

Mom, thank you. You never get tired of me. I do love you. So much.

Thank you for encouraging me to write and write and write. Most of all thank you for telling me not to give up. I miss you, shintaaaa :(

Thank you, really nice to finally meet such an amazing person like you :*

New friends! Thank you :)

A new big family. Thank you for warm and hospitable acceptance.

Thank you for bringing us a really special stand up show. Your performance seriously will be missed. 

Thank you! You all are my everything. 

Thank you for such an awesome project, dear Sindy. To all judges and lessons they gave, I couldn't thank you guys enough.

Thank you, love. For you. For everything.

Mari menutup tahun dengan bersyukur, dan membuka lembaran pertama tahun 2014 dengan semangat yang baru.

Happy New Year! :)